18 Sep 2023

"Embracing GenZ: GICG's Commitment to the Future"

"Embracing GenZ: GICG's Commitment to the Future"

At GICG, we recently hosted an engaging and enjoyable GenZ breakfast, filled with laughter and meaningful conversations. Our Group Chairman, Hisham El Badawy, had the privilege of connecting with the dynamic members of this generation. The purpose of this gathering was to establish a close connection and truly listen to what our GenZ team has to say about the work environment, culture, and the factors that motivate and inspire them.

We firmly believe in the potential and capabilities of GenZ. They are the future of our company and the consultants who will shape the industry. That's why we are dedicated to investing in and empowering them every step of the way.

During the GenZ breakfast, our Group Chairman dedicated valuable time to understand the aspirations and values of this generation. We believe that by aligning our efforts with their dreams, we can create a workplace that nurtures their talents, encourages innovation, and promotes personal growth.

At GICG, inclusivity is at the core of our values. We aim to foster an environment where every individual feels valued and can contribute their unique perspectives. We are excited about the endless possibilities that the GenZ generation brings, and we are committed to cultivating a workplace culture that not only understands and appreciates their potential but also enables them to excel.

We eagerly anticipate the remarkable contributions our GenZ teams will make and the positive impact they will have on GICG and the consulting industry as a whole. Together, we are shaping a brighter future!