10 Dec 2023

JOBMASTER X ACUD Restructuring Project

Group Photo During Signing The Contracts

We are excited to announce our partner’s “JOBMASTER” recent collaboration with the Administrative Capital for Urban Development ACUD, the largest urban development company in Egypt and the Middle East. ACUD's direct positive impact on Egypt's economy is undeniable, particularly through the construction of "The New Administrative Capital", a green and smart city. This development has become a magnet for both foreign and local investments, as well as attracting the attention of global institutions and business leaders.

As part of its ambitious vision to become a global market leader, ACUD decided to partner with JOBMASTER in a restructuring project aiming at creating the business environment needed to stand as an international trendsetter and to obtain world-class management protocols.

ACUD’s trust in JOBMASTER originates from its proven track record and extensive experience in the business consulting arena. With hundreds of success stories taking place for the past 28 years, it has been able to empower reputable organizations to reach their strategic goals seamlessly.

JOBMASTER is looking forward to a fruitful collaboration and to creating a new success story with its esteemed partner, ACUD.